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Two Bedroom Houses

Weaver Floorplans - 674 Sq.Ft.

Bowmont Floorplans - 650 Sq.Ft.

Wiske Floorplans - 580 sq ft


Three Bedroom Houses

Newland Floorplans - 900 Sq.Ft.

Ribble Floorplans - 830 Sq.Ft.

Malham Floorplans - 992 Sq.Ft.

Eshton Floorplans - 1035 Sq.Ft.

Location Plan

Eshton A

Four Bedroom Houses

Billingham Floorplans

Newton - 1,285 sq ft

Buckden Floorplans - 1,191 Sq.Ft.

Wharfe Floorplans - 1,301 Sq.Ft.

Walden Floorplans - 1,325 Sq.Ft.

Location Plan


Easington - 1,607 sq ft Riverside House

Stanhope - 1,514 sq ft Riverside House

Whittle Floorplans - 1,118 sq ft

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Site Plan Phase 4

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